left quotation marksParents want to help and they're not always sure how to do that. right quotation marks

Christine McGregor, School Counselor

What is the difference between normal and harmful conflict?

What are bystanders? Why are they important?

How can I get my child talking about WITS and peer conflict?

How can I support WITS at home and at my child's school?

How can I help my children use their WITS to resolve conflicts?

When and how should I seek help?

Using WITS With Your Child

Helping to prevent bullying

Although the WITS Programs are introduced at school, parents have an important role to play at home as well. Talking about WITS at home teaches children to apply these strategies beyond the school walls.

While parents want to help their children develop strategies to resolve peer conflict and victimization, they are not always sure how to do this. This section is designed to help.

About this Section

This section provides parents with information and tools that correspond to their most commonly asked questions. The links to the right provide:

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